12 week PLAN


Use the Simple Secrets of the Wealthy:
Pay Yourself First and Leverage
week weekly Earnings
1 $13
2 $0
3 $0
4 $26
5 $39
6 $65
7 $143
8 $286
9 $546
10 $1131
11 $2223
12 $4485


1. The first secret of the wealthy: pay yourself first
2. The second secret: pay yourself in something of stable and increasing value
3. The final secret: use leverage to amplify your actions

Then take action:

1. Purchase your affiliate package
2. Accumulate gold savings monthly in small affordable amounts
3. Mentor 2 others in this process

$4,500 per month

minimum in passive residual income paid to your Mastercard weekly!

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Below is Some Extra Information For Your Benefit

Karatbars Incentives!


If you look at Germany in January 1919 before the war a person in Germany could buy an ounce of gold for 170 Marks...
4 years later due to the turn of events a person in Germany needed 87 TRILLION Marks to purchase the same ounce of Gold...

Now that was only a SINGLE COUNTRIES currency...

Watch and see what happens when the WORLD'S Reserve Currency (US Dollar) goes belly up...

Gold has ALWAYS been the answer...
It's the only thing that lasts and grows in value...
and it's God's money since it's not "man made"..

(that's just some food for thought)
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